Tips for Staying Sent Free

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Tip 1: Shower before the morning hunt with scent free soaps and scent killers. Showering the night before is ok, but can leave a person smelling like the detergents used on the sheets or the wife’s perfume.

Tip 2: Wear “street” clothes to your hunting spot, and change into “pure” hunting camouflage once you get there. By “pure” we mean scent free clothing, from your outer garments right down to your socks. Don’t be fooled by companies that claim their “miracle” suit can contain all the scent from a human being- it can’t, especially if under the suit is a flannel that’s been worn for several hunts without a washing.

Tip 3: Douse all clothing and equipment in a scent-killing spray. Many hunters will use scent-killing spray on themselves and their boots, but veteran hunters know that scent can build up on gear too. How about that bow handle that has probably received quite a bit of hand sweat from the last few hunts? What about your bow rope or hoist that essentially becomes a bad scent wick from ground to treestand? The point is, don’t leave any scent disturbance unhandled.

Tip 4: Avoid smoking or chewing tobacco before the hunt. Their smells contaminate your breath, clothing and equipment. Brush your teeth with baking soda to eradicate as much odor as possible.

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